We know it's hard to keep up with all the paperwork and requirements from both council and government, even clients, so we have made it easy. We set you up a profile on the website so we can send personalised recommendations for skills maintenance points of seminars, publications and videos straight to your profile page while keeping a record and evidence of your activity. It's as easy as that!

But wait, there's more! You also have access to all the tools and training we develop at the Building Hub, like simple and easy to use contracts, both between your clients and contractors, forms you can fill out online like payment claims and payment schedules, Site Specific Safety Plans and Record of Work forms. We also have health and safety documents to help you through the changes which are updated regularly.

Join now for $100 + GST a year and ...

    Never again do you need to spend hours searching for ways to gain skills maintenance points. We guarantee to send recommendations through to your profile page for the most up-to-date and relevant information in the industry that add up to at least the amount of points required to maintain your licence. All recommendations are free to members.
    As soon as you join you will have over 50 points of skills maintenance activity waiting for you to do and free access to all the products and training created by the Building Hub. That includes contracts, computer courses and much more. And that's before we even begin!

So what are you waiting for?

Join now and make your life easier, get things done faster and stop wasting money on tools and seminars you don't need.


Jodie Youmans


Jodie is the founder and Director of the Building Hub, the countries largest organisation providing support for LBP’s across the country.

She has extensive knowledge of the LBP Scheme, Building Law and Building Practices. She is a successful business developer and has developed excellent tools on digital platforms. She is well known by many practitioners already having presented to over 600 groups across the country and is well known for her straight forward approach and ability to answer the hard questions.

With substantial contacts in the building industry she is committed to bringing the industry together to provide a one stop shop for practitioners for the most relevant and up to date information, training and tools to help them do what they do best, build.


Hari Gladding

Hari is our assistant. She does a bit of everything. Some may call her girl Friday, we tend to stick to Hari, most of the time. You will see her at the Roadshows setting up and checking everyone in. There are some very big projects she will be working on in the future, namely what will become the biggest resource in the industry.